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Does anyone remember Chibisafe - formerly known under it's more contentious name...

It's basically an image uploader that's nice and simple, but was also teeming with security vulnerabilities.

Nyaaa~ is a reimagining of the original lolisafe software, but with better security, a more readable codebase, and some extra features like link shortening and pastebin-esque text-sharing.

Built on the Nuxt framework, it has a simple and easily maintainable codebase that can be extended with little effort.

Give it a go at the official site, or host it yourself with node (or Docker!).

Check out Nyaaa~ on GitHub

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I know I'm not the only one who absolutely detests working with legacy versions of software in order to make an older app work.

"Did you want some documentation to help you get going? Well, Fuck You!"

I've tried countlessly to set up PHP 5 and all of the needed libraries, but it's all being quickly deprecated, and becoming unavailable in most repos. After trying to work nicely with solder the official system, I'd had enough and decided to create Braze as a means of helping anyone else who can't stand using out of date software with garbage docs.

So, if you like the sound of something that brings all of the benefits of the technic platform, supports individual mod updates, and can be installed in less than 10 minutes - Braze is perfect for you!

Check out Braze on GitHub


Show of hands - who here wishes that RMM systems didn't cost an arm (and a leg)?

Cilantro aims to change this completely. Featuring a web-based technician console, a '1 per network' bastion host to reduce incoming connections, and a full-featured client for Windows, MacOS, and Linux (X11 or Wayland).

Many attempts at creating an open-source RMM have been stopped or abandoned, as they form the basis for malicious C2 servers. Cilantro prevents this by being designed from the ground up to be secure and ensures that users know when Cilantro is being used on their computer.

Are you an MSP or just a guy/gal with a LOT of computers? Whatever you are, Cilantro is the perfect solution for anyone that needs to manage a fleet - easy to set up and full of features that are normally only found in the expensive enterprise solutions!

Check out Cilantro on GitHub

Cilantro Screenshot 1 Cilantro Screenshot 2